Mad About Mars Science Fiction Movie Night – Robinson Crusoe

  Wed 08 Aug 2018 to Wed 08 Aug 2018
Stardome Observatory & Planetarium

This 1964 Sci-Fi classic follows the incredible adventures of a lone astronaut, spaceship-wrecked on Mars. Following a crash landing, Commander ‘Kit’ Draper must figure out how to survive on the harsh Martian landscape, to have any hope of returning to Earth.

Fighting thirst, hunger and even hostile aliens, Draper explores the previously unknown Martian world. The complete loneliness is overwhelming, aside from the company of a monkey, Draper gains the company of an extraordinary being on his journey by the name of ‘Friday’.

This Technicolour sci-fi film is an entertaining look into the imagination of the past, before high definition cameras and space rovers, when we had very little knowledge about what was truly happening on the Red Planet.

Includes a drink and popcorn (R18, ID required for wine or beer). Rated G

Why have we gone Mad About Mars? Well, the Red Planet will be a beauty to the unaided eye during July and August, as it comes the closest to Earth it will be for the next 17 years.