Spring School Holidays - Puzzling Planets

  Mon 01 Oct 2018 to Fri 12 Oct 2018
Stardome Observatory Planetarium

Our Solar System is filled with weird and wonderful worlds. Why are there gigantic lightning strikes on Jupiter? What’s up with the acid rain on Venus? What causes the dust devils on Mars? Come and explore these peculiar planets with us.

The programme is 1.5 hours and includes:

Space Room Fun
Get your first peek at the planets in the Space Room. You’ll play with hands-on experiments and crafty fun to discover the uniqueness of each of our neighbours in space. Make Martian icecream, piece together the order of the planets, swoop across the foreign surfaces with augmented reality and virtual reality headsets or play with the Jupiter plasma balls!

Rocket Launching
Once you’re puzzled out in the Space Room, you’ll head outside (if the weather cooperates) and launch water-powered rockets.

Planetarium Show
Finish up with the planetarium experience where you’ll start with a short kids planetarium live Night Sky show. Find out what planets you can see in the sky from Auckland! Then, catch the show Wildest Weather in the Solar System.

Don't forget to book. Seats ate limited.