Matariki Dawn

  Thu 01 Jun 2017 to Fri 30 Jun 2017
Stardome Observatory Planetarium

A production from Stardome Observatory and Planetarium, ‘Matariki Dawn’ looks at the cultural and astronomical aspects of Matariki, a group of spectacular stars.

Using the planetarium technology, more about this important open star cluster and practical astronomy. Fly out to Matariki and learn the Maori names of the seven visible stars, find out why we see Matariki at certain times of the year and why the lunar calendar is important.

The 360-degree planetarium show includes the animated tale of Rangi and Papatuanuku and the new story of Rona and the Moon. Sit back and watch the story of Rangi-nui, the sky father and Papa-t?-?-nuku, the Earth mother who are locked in tight embrace. Their children, forced to live in darkness wonder what it would be like to live in the light. One son, Tane, takes it upon himself to separate the parents so the siblings can live in the light.

The story of Rona and the Moon explains how the shadows on the Moon came to be. Strong and beautiful Rona sets out to fetch water and trips in the darkness. She curses at Marama the Moon who responds by capturing Rona and holding her in punishment for her angry outburst.